24 Main Street


This house was built in the early part of the 19th century. By 1851, the deed was in the name of Lockwood Doty and occupied by his brother, William. In 1862, the deed was transferred to William Doty, who soon after this accepted a position at the New York Custom House buying horses for the government. He therefore sold the house to Dr. James West who had recently begun the practice of medicine in Geneseo. In 1870, the Wests built a barn and in 1871 they added the “piazza”, cutting down the front windows at the same time. (Some of the Italianate ornamental detail of the piazza has since been removed and a solid railing built.)  They further improved the house in 1882 by enlarging it and raising the roof. Dr. West died in 1892 and after Mrs. West's death in 1905, the house became the property of their daughter, Mary.  She and her husband, Dr. Roy Page, lived here for several years before moving to Elmira. Following Mrs. Page’s death in 1937, the house was sold to Olin Owen. In 1942 it was purchased by Charles Smith and in 1955 by Carmen Battaglia.