76 Main Street

c. 1966, Courtesy of APOG
Left to right: 80-86, 76, 70-72 Main Street

This block was built in 1864 by Almeron Howard of Howard and Burt, a grocery business.  It occupied the site of a wooden structure destroyed by fire. The following year, Mr. Howard built an addition at the rear for a storeroom. In 1875, Samuel Birge purchased the block for his mercantile business.  He died in 1885, and in 1890 W. H. Milliman moved his grocery business into this building.  The block then became known as “The Birge Block occupied by William Milliman.” A new plate glass front was installed in 1910 and an addition to the rear was made in 1913.  In 1920, Mr. Milliman purchased the block from the Birge family. John Scondras became the owner in 1931 and opened the Normal Grill here adjacent to his Candy Kitchen on the south.  After the death of Mr. Scondras in 1937, the Normal Grill was sold to George Scondras, his son, and John and Katherine Tabakis, son-in-law and daughter.  The Normal Grill became the Genesee Valley Restaurant and in 1952 underwent alterations.  Stone facing was added to the front setting off plate glass windows. The Scondras family made further improvements in the 1980’s in harmony with other buildings in the Main Street Historic District.