116 Main Street


About 1825, David Stewart built the original part of this building for a dry goods store.  In 1830, he sold it to Chauncey Metcalf who continued to operate the business.  Mr. Metcalf replaced the windows with large plate glass in 1854.  About 1870, a few years before his death, he sold the building to Thomas Beckwith and E. Newton Shepard who made further changes.  It was sold in 1873 to Charles Doty who conducted a hardware store there. 

In 1916, the building was sold by his son to Henry C. Wilson who also bought the Log Cabin Bakery, which was located there at the time, and he renamed it “Teeter’s Bakery.”  He tore down the back part of the building and rebuilt it. In 1922, the building was damaged by fire and repaired.

In 1925, it was sold to William Dwyer who operated a grocery store in the building to the north.  He rented it to Muriel Fitzpatrick and Gordon Latimer who put in a partition dividing it for a beauty salon and barber shop.  After Mr. Dwyer’s death, his heirs sold the building to Carl Windrum and in 1964 it was purchased from his heirs by James Wright.  Carl Diliberto and Norbert LaHaye bought the building in 1979.  A false stucco front covers the original clapboard façade. The current occupant is Matties’ Inc., a popular café and ice cream parlor.