70 & 72 Main Street


The original section (larger corner part) of this block was built in 1864 by Josiah Thatcher on the site of a wooden one destroyed by fire.  About 1880, Mr. Thatcher moved to Ohio and sold the building to George Goode who moved his tailor business to the second floor. The ground floor was occupied by a dry goods store.  A few years later, Mr. Goode enclosed his building and the one to the south with a two-story brick addition and moved his shop here.  In 1883, he added a 25-foot one-story addition to the rear, and in 1888 he put in a large plate glass window in the front. That same year, The Livingston Democrat moved to the second floor.

Lloyd W. Crossett moved his drug store to the first floor of this block in 1890 and in 1891 John Clancy became the proprietor, painted the front yellow and the building became known as “Clancy’s Yellow Front Pharmacy.”  John Clancy delighted in the name and each year applied a fresh coat of bright yellow chrome.  A large new front door was installed in 1912.  John Clancy died in 1930 and Harold Ulmer purchased the store, remodeling the same year.  In 1934, he removed the twenty or so layers of yellow paint and painted it dark green.  In 1941, further alterations were made to the front of this building.

c. 1910, Courtesy of Livingston County Historian

c. 1891, Photo courtesy of Livingston County Historian