80-86 Main Street

2008, Left to right: 80-86, 76, 70-72 Main Street

The brick block comprising this section of Main Street was built in 1864 by Norman Rose to replace one destroyed by fire.  In the same year, he sold the building to Robert Robinson. In 1877, it was sold to F. N. Burt who sold half of it to Harvey G. Baker.  Mr. Baker later acquired the second half; the block for years was referred to as “The Baker Block” and housed a variety of businesses.  In 1920, John Scondras purchased it from the Baker heirs. His business, the Candy Kitchen, had been located in the north section of it for six or seven years. In 1926, he installed six booths on each side for an ice cream parlor.  In 1952, under the management of Jim Scondras, the Candy Kitchen was redecorated to conform with the Genesee Valley Restaurant on the north, also owned by the Scondras family.  Improvements were made to these blocks in the 1980’s in harmony with the Main Street Historic District of Geneseo.

Early 1860’s, prior to the fire of 1864
Courtesy of Livingston County Historian

c. 1890, 86 Main Street
Courtesy of Livingston County Historian