19 Main Street


When the house at 19 Main Street was built in 1942, it was the first new home in the village of Geneseo in many years. A two-story Colonial-style building, it reflects the fashionable return to this style which began early in the twentieth century. According to local records, the first building on this site was occupied by Thomas Adams, a Revolutionary War soldier. Somewhat later, the Adams house became the residence of Kidder M. Scott. Born in Avon in 1840, Mr. Scott became one of Geneseo's most prominent attorneys. He attended Temple Hill Academy, from which he was expelled (supposedly because he refused to learn the Presbyterian Catechism). He was then tutored and subsequently entered Yale University. Upon graduation from that institution, he returned to Geneseo and studied law under General James Wood, with whom he later formed a partnership. A veteran of the Civil War, he also spent several years serving in the State Legislature. Always a respected, patriotic, and active citizen, his death in 1910 was a great loss to the community.