71 and 73 Main Street


The original part of this building was built about 1838 for Elijah Perkins who conducted his hat-making business in the south section and rented the north half.  Mr. Perkins died in 1862.  Several years later, the building became the property of John and Warren Ayrault.  They sold meat and groceries here for a few years, but the building was allowed to deteriorate.  Patrick Burns purchased the building in 1909, made improvements and conducted a successful meat market for several years.  Further repairs were required after a fire in 1919.  After Mr. Burns’ death in 1921, Postmaster James Dwyer purchased the building and made major repairs and alterations.  The ground floor was lowered to the level of the street and a new front was added to bring it out even with the buildings on either side.  An addition was made to the rear and the interior was partitioned.  The stucco was also added about this time.  Mr. Dwyer sold the property in 1928 and it changed hands several times until 1937 when it was purchased by James Vangalio.  He made repairs and remodeled the second story, converting it into two apartments.