62 Main Street


This brick block was erected in 1887 by William E. Booth.  It was seriously damaged by fire in 1904.  At that time, The Livingston Republican reported that “the walls remain standing but the interior is completely wrecked.”  The lower floor had housed the grocery store of W.E. Booth in the south section and the dry good store of Mrs. S. L. Bishop in the north.  The upper floor contained the law offices of C.D. Newton, E.P. Ward, and Frank K. Cook, the dental office of Dr. C.J. Fraley, the insurance office of Youngs and Curtis, and the Town Hall where voting machines and other town property were stored.  Local contractor Charles Wilson was awarded the contract for rebuilding the block and within three months it had been completely overhauled, repaired and repainted.  Mr. Booth retired in 1928 and sold the block to James Dwyer who operated a grocery store here.  He put in a new hardwood floor in 1929 and in 1931 sold the block to William Gallagher.  In 1939, it was reported in the newspaper that “the exterior of the Gallagher Block has been newly decorated.”  Mr. and Mrs. George Teall purchased the block in 1954 and in 1962 sold it to Mr. and Mrs. F. Benjamin Linfoot.  At that time, the block was housing Brion Appliances and Smith Shoe Store.  The Youngs and Linfoot Insurance and Real Estate Firm remodeled the interior and added a new façade to the first floor. Today the building houses several shops.

In 1976, preservation architect Paul Malo said:  “Certainly one of the best commercial buildings in Geneseo is the structure dated 1887 at 62 Main Street.  Although there is modern infill on the lower floor, the original pillars are retained.  It is the upper portion, however, which is its special glory.  Richly detailed of several materials, appearing to combine sheet metal with brick and terra cotta, it is an excellent example of the decorative work of its decade.  It has been attractively painted and joins its next door neighbor to form a handsome and colorful pair.”