129 Main Street 


This house was built in 1889 for Mr. and Mrs. William L. S. Olmsted. Mr. Olmsted was an estate manager for Congressman James W. Wadsworth. In 1897, the Olmsteds built a carriage house and barn at the rear of the house. About 1904, they purchased the house at 15 Main Street and moved there with their family. 

This house was then sold to Dr. and Mrs. James Sturges. Dr. Sturges had recently accepted the position of principal of the Geneseo Normal School. They added a wing to the rear of the house in 1911 and in 1914 sold it to Dr. and Mrs. LaVerne Dunham. 

Dr. Dunham was a veterinarian and also dealt in cattle. In 1927 the Dunhams purchased a house on Center Street and this house was rented for several years until it was sold to Logan Findlay. He converted it to the Findlay Funeral Home, and he also advertised a "24 Hour Ambulance Service." About 1956, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Harding purchased the house and made it their residence for several years. Later a fraternity house for the Prometheus Fraternity, it is today a law office.