109 Main Street

The Stanley Hotel c. 1915
Courtesy of Livingston County Historian     

The original building to occupy this site was a small two-story frame, erected by Amos Adams about 1820 and named “The Eagle Hotel.”  There was a small woodshed in the rear.  In 1832, when Geneseo was incorporated, the first village meeting was held here.  Although the building saw several owners and was known by a variety of names over the years, it remained a hotel. 

During Hezebiah Allen’s ownership, a third story was added in 1850.  Other extensions were added later.  In 1900, when W. A. Dwyer was the owner and John Halligan the proprietor, the building was badly gutted by a fire in which two men suffocated.  Considerable rebuilding was required.

The Geneseo Hotel c. 1940
Courtesy of Livingston County Historian

In 1914, as “The Stanley Hotel,” under the proprietorship of James Green, an addition was made to the rear.  It continued to change hands until 1947 when John and Daniel Radesi purchased the property. Called the “Geneseo Hotel” by the Radesi brothers, it saw extensive remodeling over the next 20 years. In May of 1967 a fire broke out shortly before 3 a.m. and destroyed the building, fifteen residents escaping to safety. By July of the same year, Daniel Radesi had erected the present one-story brick building on the site.