10 Second Street


This house is thought to have been built between 1852 and 1858 since there is no house shown on the 1852 map of the village, but one appears on the 1858 map.  Patrick McGuire, manufacturer and repairer of boots and shoes, lived here for a number of years until he sold it in 1871 to William Weeks.  Mr. Weeks was also a shoemaker who did business in a corner of the east part of the building at 1-3 Center Street (the former Sanders Publication Building).  Known as the smallest business place in Geneseo (6’ by 10’) it was referred to as “The Senate Chamber.”  Mr. Weeks was an ardent Democrat and, as the local paper put it when he retired in 1911, “many weighty questions were thrashed out here.”  After his retirement, Mr. Weeks moved to Dansville and his daughter sold their house on Second Street to Mary Dougherty who in 1944 sold it to Robert A. Greene.