27 Second Street


In 1824 Elisha H. Perkins, a hatter, came to Geneseo with his family and set up a hat-making establishment on Main Street, which he conducted for many years. Having determined to make this his home, in 1827 he purchased a piece of the northern part of the Calvin H. Bryan property on Second Street and there he built a dwelling. Today this is the house on the south corner of Oak Street (27 Second). In 1827, however, there was no Oak Street nor would there be for another sixty odd years. Mr. Perkins died in 1862 at the age of 75 but the home remained in the Perkins family until 1890. From that time on there have been a succession of different owners and many changes made to the original dwelling. The garage was added in 1916 by Reuben Countryman, owner at the time. The original exterior of this house has been almost completely obscured by alterations.