4 Second Street


This house was built prior to 1852 (it appears on the 1852 map of the village, the earliest map showing house owners).  At that time it was owned by Amos Hender.  He sold it to Mary Levy in 1863.  Her executors sold it to John Coyne in 1899, who died of diphtheria the following year.  In 1916 it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. William Olmsted who owned and occupied the present college president’s house at 15 Main Street.  It was probably rented until 1921 when it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wright.  They made needed repairs and additions.  A back bedroom was added on the north and a small room on the south.  The stucco was also added at this time.  In 1960 the Wrights sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. William Saunders.