30 Second Street


Matthew Turner and his wife were in their 60’s when they moved to Geneseo (in the late 1830’s) to be with their sons. Mrs. Turner died in 1858 and her husband in 1866 at the age of 93. This house was built for them in 1840. The house was sold in 1861 to Jeanette Dodge for $1,800. There probably were some improvements made because she sold it for $2,500 in 1869 to Dr. Enos Chase, a physician, who made it his office and residence. In 1877, he moved to Colorado and sold the house to Elisha and Ruth Shepard. Mr. Shepard ran a meat market on Center Street and Mrs. Shepard served as librarian at the Wadsworth Library for over 20 years. Mr. Shepard died in 1900 and Mrs. Shepard in 1921. The house became the property of their son, William and his wife, Clara. Clara Shepard sold it to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in 1965, and Mr. and Mrs. James McNally purchased it in 1970.