44 Second Street


This house was built prior to 1852 and until 1864 was owned (but not occupied) by Henry P. North, a prosperous merchant who at that time owned all the land on the north side of Center Street between Main and Second Street.  In 1864, it was purchased from Mr. North by Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Starkey for $1,000.  This purchase included the then vacant lot on the corner of Center and Second.  Mr. Sharkey conducted a boot and shoe store on Main Street and Mrs. Starkey did dress-making.  In 1868, they sold the house to Edwin McCorney who sold it to John LaMarsch in 1871 for $1,500.  Mr. and Mrs. LaMarsch were Germans who came to Geneseo about this time and conducted a tailoring business.  In 1892, they added the front porch.  Mrs. LaMarsch died in 1910 and Mr. LaMarsch, then in poor health, transferred the property to his daughter, Rose Moore of New York City.  She had repairs made on the house in 1913 and in 1925 sold it to Minnie Stinson.