23 Second Street


In 1864, George Mercer bought a lot of 5½ acres fronting on Second Street and extending east to the west line of the property at what is now 25 Oak Street.  Oak Street did not exist at the time.  The property contained a new barn and an orchard.  Mr. Mercer converted the barn into part of what is now the original part of the house at 23 Second Street.

Mr. Mercer came to Geneseo in 1846 and for many years conducted a successful clothing business on Main Street.  His first wife died in 1866 and he later married Mrs. Maria Reed.  They had three children.  In the late 1880’s, the Mercers sold a portion of their property to enable Oak Street to be developed.  After their deaths in 1891, the remainder of their property was sold.  The house and lot at 23 Second Street was purchased by John E. Lauderdale.  He made extensive improvements.

In 1920, the house was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. John Barrows.  John Barrows was born and lived for 80 years on the farm that later became the Livingston Country Club.  After Mrs. Barrows’ death in 1928, Mr. Barrows sold this house to Hiram Leonard, a building contractor who remodeled and rented it.  After the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, the house passed to their daughter Laura, who also rented it for several years until she sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Gerrard Megathlin in 1946. The present owners, Martin and Theresa Miskell, have maintained the home in its historic style.