3 Second Street


The original part of this house was built sometime before 1852. It appears on the 1852 map of the village, the oldest map with houses identified. It was owned by Calvin Bryan and occupied by Charles Cole, a mechanic, when it was sold to Andrew J. Robinson, a boot and shoe maker. According to the late Hubbells, former owners, an addition was made at this time. After Mr. Robinson’s death in 1865, the house was sold to Robert Robinson (possibly a relative). Robert Robinson died in 1884 and his widow began renting out rooms here. In 1892 she sold the house to Mrs. John (Mary) Sage, a widow who also rented out the rooms. She died in 1920 and the house passed to Anna Sage of Buffalo. The late Hubbells also passed along the information that an addition was made in 1920, and that the house became a student boarding house with the dining room open to the public. In 1943, Anna Sage deeded the house to Jennie Sage Merrill, also of Buffalo. In 1946 it was deeded by Charles Merrill to William Burge, who was Mrs. Hubbell’s grandfather. In 1964, the house suffered a serious fire, but was repaired.