6 Second Street

This house was built in 1876 by Elias Goldsmith, a carriage and wagon maker.  His taste for fine wood and interesting detail is evident on the interior.  The woodwork is all of black walnut and a unique octagonal based archway spans two of the rooms.

There is not a great deal of information about this artisan’s immediate family.  We do know that he had two talented grandchildren who visited here.  The granddaughter later wrote articles and books similar to Gladys Tabor’s.  Clifford Goldsmith, the grandson, was the author of “What a Life,” a popular play of the 1930’s from which the radio series “Henry Aldrich” was later adapted. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Quirk purchased the house in 1910 and after their deaths it became the property of their daughter, Mary.  Over the years only minor alterations have been made.