19 Second Street


The original part of this house was built about 1836 by Grandison Curtiss.  Grandison and Medad Curtiss, stone masons, were early settlers in Geneseo.  They arrived here after the close of the War of 1812. As did many of the pioneers, they purchased land and erected well constructed homes. Medad built a small house on the lot at the corner of Center and Second Streets, where the Presbyterian Church stands today. His brother erected a dwelling, sturdy and of simple lines, further north on Second Street. Grandison Curtiss spent the remainder of a long life at his trade in Geneseo. He and his family were among the founders of the Methodist Church here and were always active in its affairs.  Mrs. Curtiss had one of the finest gardens in the village.  She was considered something of a trend-setter when she planted a “Christmas tree” in her front yard during December of 1881. Grandison died in 1883 and in 1886 Mrs. Curtiss sold the house to settle the estate.  It was purchased at auction by E. B. Rebban for $2,120.00 and later sold to H. H. Curtiss, Mr. Curtisss son.  In 1900 the house was purchased by H. Cornelia Morris, a widow who conducted a boarding house here for several years.  She died in 1917 and her daughter sold the house to Guy Barrows who sold it to Rose Jennings who sold it to Richard Folts in 1924.  Mr. Folts conducted a jewelry and watch repair shop on Main Street.  He and his wife made improvements to the house.  After Mrs. Folts death, Mr. Folts sold the house to Gilbert and Mae Smith in 1937.  They added a room in 1965.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Difranco purchased it from their estate in 1972.