53 Second Street


 Although the exact date of construction of the house at 53 Second Street is not known, there is evidence that it was in the early part of the 19th century.  In a 1921 address, Oscar Woodruff, then known as “Dean of the Livingston County Press,” recalled living there as a child in 1844.  At that time it was referred to as “The Little Green House” because it was painted green.

Andrew Butterway, who for years managed a furniture and undertaking business in the village, lived here for a time after his arrival in Geneseo in 1848.  He later moved to a larger house a few doors south of this one.

In 1872, it was in the name of Colonel John Rorbach, whose father-in-law, Charles R. Vance, built the handsome house next door at 57 Second Street.

“The Little Green House,” now a little white one, has seen many occupants over the years but has undergone relatively few alterations.  In excellent condition today, the entrance is a particularly fine one.