54 Second Street


This house was built prior to 1850 probably by Ebenezer Wright and sold in 1850 to Russell Austin.   Russell Austin came to Geneseo in 1815 to manage the dairy farms of William Wadsworth.  In 1828, he was elected Sheriff and in 1832 served as Town Supervisor.  He remained a prominent citizen until his death in 1867.  The property then passed to his daughter, Catherine (Mrs. Austin had died in 1865) who continued to reside here.  Catherine, who never married, taught music and was organist at the Presbyterian Church for many years.  She died in 1908 and the house was purchased by Edward DeMunn who held the position of Street Commissioner for 25 years and also served as Superintendent of Public Works.

Although there have been 20th century changes, this central chimney Georgian house has been well preserved.  The entrance porch, probably not original with the house, is interesting in its detail as strong entablature supported by two ionic columns and a small wooden bench built on each side of the door.  The door has a nice light window over three solid panels and is flanked by five pane sidelights.  The original windows, probably “six over six,” have been replaced with “two over two” sashes.