22 Second Street


This house is thought to have been built about 1867 by a second generation member of the Church family, early pioneers who came to Geneseo about 1815.  Shortly after completion, it was sold to people named Baird, who operated a confectionary and an oyster saloon on Main Street.

In 1872, the Bairds sold the house to Sylvanus Young, a wealthy farmer.  During their sixteen years of residence, the Youngs raised the roof and made other alterations and repairs.  The next owners, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Root, purchased the property in 1888.

Prior to moving to the village, the Roots had lived on their farm on the Avon Road on which they ran a hostelry known as Roots Tavern (at the present junction of Route 39 and Roots Tavern Road).  This was a popular stop in stagecoach days and the scene of sleigh rides and other outdoor amusements, which attracted the young people from Avon as well as Geneseo.  After Mr. Roots death in 1895, Mrs. Root sold this house to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elliott.  Mr. Elliott was in charge of a new flour and feed store that had opened on Chestnut Street.  About 1909, the property was deeded to their son with the provision that they have life use.

This house, well-maintained by its successive owners, seems to incorporate the changes in taste of over a century into the neat dwelling that it is today.