66 Second Street


In 1820 the Wadsworth property at the south end of Main Street included the block today bounded by Main, South, Second and Chestnut Streets. As new settlers arrived in Geneseo and the demand for building lots increased, portions were sold, the northern parts first.

At the time of James Wadsworth's death in 1844, the lot at 66 Second Street was the last parcel which had been transferred, or would be for almost forty years. In 1850 Miss Elizabeth Wadsworth, who occupied the Homestead alone after her father's passing, repurchased this piece of land, which then extended through to Main. Her reason for doing this is uncertain, since she died unexpectedly the following year. Perhaps she envisioned a park-like area, similar to that facing her home at the southwest end of Main Street.

In the 1870s Miss Wadsworth's heirs again began selling off lots, and the 66 Second Street parcel was purchased by Charles Beach, who immediately erected a dwelling. Of simple design, comprising four symmetrical rooms, this house was sold in 1872 to Daniel Young. It was Mr. Young's daughters, his heirs, who made the first change in the home when they raised the roof in 1883.

In 1886 the Misses Young sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. Ogden. Mr.  Ogden had begun the practice of law in the village. The Ogdens made additions over the years, and when it came time to offer the dwelling for sale in 1905, the house contained eleven rooms in good condition,” and the property boasted "a large barn and fine garden." The front porch with its large overhang is a more recent addition.